Musical Instruments of the Dimen Dong

At the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, musician Qianchun Wu from the Dimen Dong Folk Chorus explains the stringed instruments common in their region of Guizhou Province, China. At the Dimen Dong Cultural Eco-Museum, elders carry on their cultural heritage by teaching children in the village to play these instruments and traditional songs of the area.

Videography: Shiyu Wang, Albert Tong, David Barnes, Abby Sternberg, Max Lenik, Ed Fry, Sara Legg, Jillian Reagan
Editing: Nicholas Mangialardi

  • Dexter Fawcett

    It is very comforting to know that despite our Western pre-conceived notions, there are young people who are not transfixed by the lure of our modern somewhat chaotic world and truly want to conserve, preserve and present the better parts of a wonderful musical and oral tradition for all of us to enjoy. I experienced the Dong performers in last year’s Festival and they were absolutely magical. Their performances were cherished memories of what the Smithsonian continues to offer us.